Brand Concept of Dakota Smith

Since its founding in 1983 in Los Angeles, Dakota Smith has always been a leading player in the American fashion eyewear market. It is no ordinary eyewear brand, it itself is an attitude, a lifestyle with spirit and conviction. It also epitomizes the American’s perseverance and idealism. Dakota Smith advocates freedom of expression, naturalism and innovations.

Design Concept

Dakota Smith is designed to meet the needs of 21 to 60-year old trendsetting men, targeting the much desired yet niche segment of the eyewear market. It astutely combines clean modern front, conventional colours and stylish metallic detail in its designs; together with its unique brand concept and the patented German PIVOFLEX structuring technique for a ultralight flexible frame, Dakota Smith’s eyewear is pragmatic, fashionable and comfortable.
Dakota Smith’s spectacles and sunglass are perfect for matching and enhancing styles. They are the essence to suaveness and sophifistication for independent and groundbreaking men.

Universal Fit Collection - A Perfect Fit

We launch its Dakota Smith Los Angeles Universal Fit Collection. The keys to this new collection are its innovative bridge, dual snap-on nose pads and the patented PIVOFLEX System screwless hinge design. These elements work in unison to provide a comfortable, universal fit that requires almost no adjustment. This new technological approach lets everyone enjoy a custom fit, especially those who may have issues with the trendy “European designer fit” found in much of the globally branded eyewear currently on the market. Included are men’s styles primarily crafted of pure titanium. Shapes consist of variations on rectangles in fully rimmed, semi-rimless and three-piece-mount designs. Colors range from gold, gunmetal and silver to black, blue, brown and tortoise.
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