About Y-sport by Dakota Smith

The American brand “ DAKOTA SMITH” a trendy second line Y-sport by Dakota Smith. It’s character has been the yardstick for trendiness. Our artistic products are laced with fashionable and user-friendly elements.

Design Concept of ARMY COLLECTION

Wars are about to start. Turbulent years will follow. All sorts of new products are bound to stir up a new wave of craze.

Wars seem to be the culmination of selfishness, terror, conflicts, blooshed, cruelty and contradictions. Yet, from another perspective, wars do comprise the element of artistic beauty.

Designers have softened the war-associated camouflage colour and turned it into soothing messages of peace, love, hope, glory and salutation. The message of “no war” is neatly immersed in the frame. Can’t wait to put it on? Pick yours now and be a fashionista and proclaimer of peace!

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